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Magneetventiel dubbel recht 230VAC

Magneetventiel dubbel recht 230VAC

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Magneetventiel dubbel recht 230VAC
  • 230VAC
  • Ingang 3/4"
  • Uitgang 11,5mm
  • DN10 TP
  • Reducering ingang
  • Voor oa pastakoker

Passende op oa. Adler, Ambassade, Angelo-Po, Ascaso, Ascaso Factory, Bonnet, Capic, Colged, Comenda, Comenda, Dihr, Dihr, Electrolux, Elettrobar, Gico, Hoonved, Horeca-Select, Kromo, Kromo, Lamber, La-SanMarco, Luxia, Mach, Mastro, Nikrom, Rhima, Rosinox, Silanos, Teikos, Thirode, Univer-Bar, Universal Part, Whirlpool, Zanussi Professional

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