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Softening salt 15kg

Softening salt 15kg

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Soft-Sel Crystal Softening Salt 15kg

SOFT-SEL Crystal is softening salt in crystal form (grain 5-15) and developed on the basis of very pure salt. SOFT-SEL Crystal guarantees a longer lifespan and ultra-efficient use of your dishwasher. Due to its high degree of purity, it also prevents clumping in the salt container of your dishwasher.

This lightweight, ergonomic 15kg package, equipped with a sturdy handle, allows you to carry and use it with ease. Perfect for dishwashers with an internal water softener in your company or at home.

Our salt is suitable for any type of dishwasher with an internal water softener. It is also a more ecological and economical alternative to salt tablets.

In brief:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Very high degree of purity
  • Ultra economical
  • Both for home and office
  • Salt for any type of water softener / water softener / dishwasher

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